CDC Construction Services - Pre Design

Identify Your Goals & Expectations
We will listen to your needs, identify your project goals, and translate that understanding into a workable space.  Having delivered thousands of projects across Metro Vancouver, your project is in good hands with CDC. 

Preliminary Site Assessment
By conducting a site assessment and reviewing your lease terms pertaining to construction, we can advise on the constructibility of the space in accordance with your requirements and budget. 

Recommendations on Designers/Consultants
Based on your unique vision and project needs, CDC can recommend and introduce a tailored team of qualified architects, designers and consultants that best fit your requirements. 


Establish Project Schedule & Project Budget
Upon reviewing project requirements, we will prepare a construction schedule which shows all critical paths and milestones. We will also establish a project budget for client review. 

Recommendations on Materials & Labour
Through early engagement with subtrades, we produce efficiencies by offering recommendations on material and equipment selections, enhancing value for you without sacrificing the design intent. To ensure that your project finishes on schedule, we will also identify items that have long delivery times for early procurement. 

Perform Value Engineering
We will conduct a thorough review of the materials and delivery techniques aimed to benefit the overall quality of your project. We are here to help you optimize cost and performance. 

CDC Construction Services - planning and design


CDC Construction Services - PERMITS & PROCUREMENT

Assist with Approvals and Permits
CDC can spearhead the permit process and ensure all required construction permits are efficiently processed and obtained at the earliest times. 

Tendering Process
We will coordinate and oversee the entire tender process including tender documentation, qualifying sub-trades, negotiating contracts and collating pricing info for client review.  

Qualifying Sub-trades
Our seasoned professionals are well-connected and informed. With our extensive local network and working relationships, we foster a competitive environment for our trades to submit bids. Ultimately, we provide your project with the most qualified and cost-effective resources available.  


Project Liaison
CDC coordinates with multiple stakeholders such as the designer, consultants, sub-trades, the owner’s representatives to ensure there are open lines of communication from beginning to completion.

Project Control
CDC takes pride in providing a level of service that includes not only project management staff, but also full field services including construction superintendents, carpenters and labourers. We keep the client informed and track every step of the delivery process. 

Quality Control
We assign a full-time Superintendent to your job site to monitor daily site activities and workmanship by CDC’s Own Forces, labourers and sub-trades.

Site Meetings
We conduct regular meetings internally and with the project team to discuss the full project status, upcoming milestones, delivery schedules, critical paths, owner-requested changes and site constructibility to ensure that everything on site is running smoothly. 

CDC Construction Services


Final Inspection
Passing the final inspection can translate into timely occupancy. CDC takes this step seriously and we will perform a pre-emptive deficiency walkthrough to ensure that your project passes final inspection successfully. 

This process begins by identifying equipment and systems which require commissioning after installation. We coordinate a commissioning schedule with the operating team to ensure both design and performance intent are met. 

Project Handover
All warranties, releases, bonds, manuals, as-built drawings, maintenance instructions and operating manuals are turned over to the client at the completion of the project.